17-year-old Julian Feldhof lives with his mother Clara in an idyllic village on the Baltic Sea coast. At the age of twelve, he witnessed the murder of his father. But he can't remember anything. The killer was never found. When the architect Phillip Koch suddenly appears in the village and pretends to be looking for a suitable plot of land for a holiday settlement, Julian becomes suspicious. Clara falls in love with the stranger, but Julian is certain that the man is his father's murderer.

SOKO Leipzig is one of the most successful crime series on German television. Between 2001 and 2020, 19 seasons were already broadcast. The series is about the investigative work of the special commission of the Leipzig police. In this episode, chief commissioner Hajo Trautzschke experiences his worst case to date: a murder attack is carried out on his daughter Leni, who is doing research as a journalist in Moscow. On the phone, Hajo witnesses how she is attacked. The SOKO boss rushes to the Russian capital. Hajo knows that Leni was on a hot story and must fear that Leni was murdered.

Vera (Anett Heilfort) has no job and no man. As is so often the case, she seeks advice from her astrologer Luna (Karin Ugowski) and is rammed by a 150-kilo man on roller blades shortly thereafter. Before she faints, she hears the erotic voice of Markus Werner calling the emergency doctor. Vera immediately fell in love with this voice and starts an extensive search for him. She and her friends all rummage Markus Werner out of the phone book, but Vera's dream man is not there. When searching, each of them will find their own "Markus Werner".

An extreme athlete crashes while climbing and falls in love with the doctor who has an operation. This turns out to be an alcoholic who loses his license to practice medicine a little later. When she tries to help him out of his addiction, she loses touch with her friends.

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In order not to lose her wonderful house, the unemployed widow Pia Brandt forged her certificates and got a job as a private secretary. Pia is to help the noble Isabel Haberland, who wants to set up an ambitious new project with her "Foundation for Nature and Environment". That's why Pia has to keep the ladies of the good company in a good mood and gets into a skid. Even their four lively children cannot be simply retouched away.

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The journalist Jürgen Loock is killed by the explosion of a car bomb. His daughter Meike narrowly escaped the attack. Is revenge the motive for the fatal attack, or did the journalist die because he was on the trail of an explosive case? When Meike discovers that her father has left her a considerable fortune, the case takes an unexpected turn. Wasn't Jürgen Loock as incorruptible as his reputation? Meike is outraged by the suspicion of the commissioners. Meike therefore decides to research on her own.

"The Men from K3" was a German crime fiction series broadcast from 1988 to 2003 in feature length about four Hamburg commissioners in a homicide commission. As a result, the haulier Moosbacher benefits from the illegal deposition of substances requiring disposal; three of Moosbacher's drivers and employees of the responsible waste disposal company are also involved in these activities. When a driver is surprised when he releases toxins, the police track down the illegal disposal companies.

Children wants to be adults. But what happens when this becomes reality through a spell. This is exactly what happens to the siblings Thomas (Alexander Milke) and Katja (Anja Humboldt). For an afternoon they can change into the shape of their parents, always hoping to be able to enjoy the "beautiful" life of the great people. But the children are immediately exposed to complications in their new life, which is why they are happy to be able to undo the "transformation" immediately and to be a child again.

Confident and firmly convinced of packing her second, new life, "blonde tiger" Biggi says goodbye to "black tango" Christa and steps in front of the gates of the house where she had to spend three years after her conviction. The girlfriend has to wait a while for her to be released. For a fresh start in freedom, she resolves to stay on the right path. After all, she wants to find her dream man. Biggi believes in her happiness and consciously seeks it every day. When she meets Eddi, it is love for both of them at first sight. They get married and Biggi is expecting a child.

Hubertus Fahrenbach hopes that his son Joachim will take over his tailoring studio one day. But he doesn't feel like it. In the argument, Joachim leaves his father and moves in with his new friend Günter, and suddenly sits in the middle of the drug scene. When Joachim had his inheritance paid out by his father, both friends believed that they had the financial basis for their own business. But their first attempt to smuggle drugs into Germany fails. Upon returning from Bangkok, the drug is discovered by customs.