Ed Thomas is the most exciting playwright to come out of Wales" - the Guardian wrote. His play "Gas Station Angel"  was published in 1998. Bron meets Ace six days after his house falls into the sea. Their families may share a past of fairies, angels, axe-murderers and chickens, but what do Bron and Ace need with the past when they've got imagination and a tinted glass blue Marina 1800 TC ready to drive into the heart of Saturday night? Set in a shrinking land, Gas Station Angel is the latest play from Ed Thomas whose previous plays includes House of America (also recently released as a film) and Songs From a Forgotten City. (Source: Bloomsbury) Such living room dramas have been floating on the stages for years. It is therefore understandable that Lydia Bunk, previously an assistant director at the Volksbühne, is exacerbating the drama of satire on the third floor. (Source: Die Welt)




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