Karin Ugowski

Karin Ugowski


Old black and white pictures flicker on the huge screen above the stage. Kaliningrad when it was still Königsberg. "German was always spoken and felt German here," said a spokesman in the prevailing tone. Hitler smiles from behind a window. A German girl milks a cow. Behind it, the boys practice boxing. Cut. Children crawl out of a bunker, rubble all around. Cut. A golden yellow fried egg lands in a pan. Whack! "Königsberg" takes place in Berlin. It is the first production by the St. Petersburg film and theater director Andrei Nekrasov at the Volksbühne on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. Two and a half hours of theater, cinema, literature, music, politics, German-Russian history, philosophy, cultural and social criticism, discourse, action, sex. Whack! (Source: Neues Deutschland)



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