Denis Diderot's philosophical dialogue "Rameaus Neffe" has been one of the most successful productions of the Volksbühne with around 300 performances since its premiere on December 3, 1973 in the "Sternfoyer". It was also shown in national and international guest appearances and in later years on television. "Why are the virtues so detailed?" Because they have set themselves a task that has been contrary to nature - Rameau's nephew (Helmut Straßburger) announces from his own experience and direction. He is unable to force his nature into norms of morality, decency and virtue, since he is as old as these norms in his society. - The French poet Diderot painted the picture of a depraved character with a conscientious portrait study of Rameau's nephew a corrupt society. (Source: Fernsehen der DDR)

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