Volksbühne von oben

Volksbühne von oben


The Legend of Paul and Paula is a play based on the novel "Die Legende vom Glück ohne Ende" (The legend of happiness without end) by Ulrich Plenzdorf. The love story of Plenzdorf should have been on the Volksbühne since 1981. However, the authorities at that time did not want to use this material. The piece was discontinued before it was even performed. Paula, the passionate bitch, must have been a thorn in the side of censorship. Because one does what she wants, even if her great freedom is only love. A dubious freedom, by the way, because she already has two children by two men. Her great and ultimate happiness, however, is Paul, a sandpit companion from Singerstrasse in Friedrichshain. Paula, cashier in the department store, manages to dissuade career candidate Paul from his good GDR path. You can't go back and forth, and that's the whole story. The two get each other, but she dies when her third child is born. (Source: faz)





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