Die kleine Hexe die nicht böse sein konnte - Cover - 1958

Die kleine Hexe die nicht böse sein konnte - Cover - 1958


"The little witch who couldn't be angry" (original title: A Bruxinha que era boa - 1958) by Brazilian author Maria Clara Machado was an en-suite Christmas project for children at the Volksbühne in December 1985. The little witch rosemary is different from the other witch students. She has blond-golden hair and can not be really mean, as it would be for a first class witch. So she falls through the witch test and does not win the missile broomstick she longed for. When she then gave the lumberjack Peter against the order of Prince Otterngift III. Doing good is locked in the pitch tower. But Peter finds a way to free them. A fun journey through the realm of evil - like on a rocket broomstick! (Source: theatertexte.de)



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