Volksbühne Eingang

Volksbühne Eingang


The play by Ray Galton and John Antrobus is a hilarious farce from 1988. An extramarital affair turns into a nightmare when a thief pinches the husband’s trousers: Bookmaker Howard Swerling is married – and visiting his lover when a burglar steals his trousers. The hunt for spare trousers commences, leading to a sex-mad policeman’s proposal of marriage, drug parties and half-clad men and women – and from there straight into mayhem. And yet all Howard wants is to be home before his wife wakes up... In “When Did You Last See Your Trousers?” John Antrobus’ beleaguered protagonist stumbles from one insanely funny situation into the next. Assisted by his hedonistic mistress, her punk friend Jimmy, his own au pair girl and the British Home Secretary, Howard gets more and more entangled in a net of lies and deception. With increasingly desperate manoeuvres he tries to save himself from imminent disaster – a feast for the audience who are in for a humoristic tour de force and a real laugh-a-second experience. (Source: VVB)




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