The widow has an ugly and lazy daughter, Pechmarie, and a beautiful and hard-working step-daughter, Goldmarie. Because Pechmarie is her real daughter, the widow clearly favors her and makes Goldmarie do all the work. Poor Goldmarie must also sit and spin all day by the well until her fingers bleed. When she tries to rinse out the spindel, it drops into the cold water. Her unsympathetic step-mother tells her to jump in after it. Goldmarie does as she is told, and then wakes up in the middle of a beautiful field of flowers.

The young management team Uli Merkel receives an explosive order from the general management of his company: he is supposed to get back the lost technology designs of his predecessor Heiner Rudolf. The fact that this is an order to steal intellectual property does not initially bother Uli, after all he expects success from a variety of career opportunities and the implementation of his own ideas. However, things develop differently. After his designs and suggestions were rejected, Heiner retired to the island of Rügen.

The old professor Bunzberger sits on a park bench and lets his imagination roam. He is kidnapped by two pensioners in a veteran's home and is prompted to put the finishing touches on a time machine designed by the elderly. First he refuses to take part in the experiment for ethical reasons. He discusses with a kidnapped colleague and friend about the meaning of life and the consequences that stopping aging can have. Finally he gives in and can be rejuvenated with the machine. But he is not satisfied with the result because the rejuvenation has only taken place externally.

Klaus lives with his two brothers Kunz and Franz in a little village. Together, they ply their trade as cobblers in a small workshop. But the workload rests mainly on the shoulders of ill-treated Klaus. When Kunz and Franz go off into the forest to chop wood for fuel they run into an old woman who asks them for some wine and bread. Rudely and gruffly, they refuse her request and return home without any wood. Klaus then has to set out and he meets the old woman as well. He gladly offers her his frugal meal which is suddenly turned into pancakes and good wine.

Signals - A Space Adventure is a science fiction film produced by DEFA in cooperation with the Polish film company Przedsiebiorstwo Realizacji Filmów Zespoły Filmowe Warszawa, directed by Gottfried Kolditz. The film was inspired by the novel "Asteroid hunter" by Carlos Rasch. (Source: Wikipedia)

The movie was shown at the 70mm Festival in Oslo 2017. (Video on Youtube)

Florida, 1830 - Of all eastern Native American tribes, only the Seminoles have resisted being moved to reservations. Having retreated to Florida, they live a simple horticultural life. But white plantation owners, angry at the increasing numbers of black slaves fleeing to Seminole protection, want to take their land. Plantation owner Raynes, in particular, has convinced the military to wipe out the Seminoles. His rival Moore, a sawmill owner from the North who has a Seminole wife, is against slavery and considers it unprofitable.