"The Roman Bath" is a play by the Bulgarian writer Stanislaw Stratiew from 1974. A real Roman bath from the time when Bulgaria belonged to the domain of Roman emperors is excavated during repair work in Ivan Antonov's apartment, which returns unsuspectingly from vacation. Suddenly, a lot of people are interested in the bathroom, all of whom hope to gain advantage, career and recognition with the help of the precious find, while Antonov's claim to housing is not taken into account.

" Mustache Casimir,  the poetic blacksmith" is a children's story by the Hungarian writer Istvan Csukas. Mustache Casimir from "Ankel-Alley", like every day, wants to forge advertising slogans for the greengrocer, the butcher, the milk woman, but he should also help his master, the postman Bonifác, to deliver a mysterious letter, on which no addressee is noted. Kristof, the sad cat, accompanies him and ends up with the redeeming idea. And Kasimir's fame as a poet spreads across the country.

"The first catch in spring" is a Finnish radio play by Pentti Saarikoski. It describes the difficult and deprived life of the fisherman Nils and his family. After a long hunger winter, Nils wrestles the first catch and sells it in the nearby small town. He, who defied all the hardships of nature, fatedly fails because of a bigoted, narrow-minded petty-bourgeois world.

From Lopatin's Notes is a drama from soviet author and war poet Konstantin Mikhailovich Simonov. At the end of 1943, during a short vacation, the front rapporteur Lopatin let the fateful years since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War pass him by. He sees the terrible victims on the front and in the hinterland, tragically overshadowed resumes, narrow-mindedness and myopia that bring additional suffering. The final separation from his wife and the meeting with Nika also took place at this time.

Student Thomas, a talented boxer, is on the way to a sports club where his talent is systematically promoted. An irregularity in the cardiac function is determined by the sports doctor, whereupon he is prohibited from competitive sports. Tommi, who had big plans, has to cope with this abrupt career, to deal with the perspective of a normal life. He also does not have to cope with the mockery of his benevolent fellow man, without using his boxing talent, which is still there.

The King of the Goths is dead. The Pope, following a heavenly prophecy and also realizing that he has to promote change in his empire, places the peasant Bamba on the throne. A new human and peaceful age seems to have dawned for a short time, but the belligerent Moors are facing the borders of Spain, which has been disarmed and defenseless. Bamba wakes up from his dream of a happy kingdom and plows the stony field again ...