The journalist Jürgen Loock is killed by the explosion of a car bomb. His daughter Meike narrowly escaped the attack. Is revenge the motive for the fatal attack, or did the journalist die because he was on the trail of an explosive case? When Meike discovers that her father has left her a considerable fortune, the case takes an unexpected turn. Wasn't Jürgen Loock as incorruptible as his reputation? Meike is outraged by the suspicion of the commissioners. Meike therefore decides to research on her own. With their help, the commissioners succeed in clarifying the background of the case and convicting her father's murderer. The journalist Jürgen Loock had to die because he became a blackmailer.

  • https://www.fernsehserien.de/polizeiruf-110/folgen/207-sumpf-93412
  • https://www.daserste.de/unterhaltung/krimi/polizeiruf-110/sendung/2011/sumpf-100.html
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