Ein Traumspiel - August Strindberg - Reclam

Ein Traumspiel - August Strindberg - Reclam


A Dream Play (Swedish: Ett drömspel) was written in 1901 by the Swedish playwright August Strindberg. An angel, the daughter of a god, travels the world and discovers human misfortune, an unhappiness that knows no salvation and no liberation. "It is a shame for the people," is the motto of the play, a sigh that, incidentally, shows that you can only really feel sorry for this strange species. Perhaps this is why one has to understand Hartmann's staging as a prologue to Castorf's adaptation of Houellebecq's novel "Elementary Particles", which is planned for the fall, which includes the abolition of this sad genre. Strindberg's characters, representatives of unfortunate humanity, perform a great world theater - an impoverished lawyer, an unfortunate officer, a poet who, firstly, is not entirely consoled and secondly, Strindberg's self-portrait (exacerbated by Kate Strong) - all lovers and broken men, Disoriented and lifeless enthusiasts. Hartmann turns Strindberg's world theater into a crashing circus and a theater evening about theater. (Source: Tagesspiegel)





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