Isolde Schubert (Hanna Donner) is a helpful woman and takes care of the Körner family as a neighbor. But these take advantage of their neighbor's willingness to help more and more and are becoming more and more comfortable and dependent, so that Ms. Schubert only wants to draw one line under this chapter, in which she switches to a radical cure: At first she pretends to start a suddenly approved cure , during this time she was able to win her sister from Eberswalde to take over her “representation”. But this sister acts very differently from Isolde, she hits the grains like a ball of lightning. And so the grains are at the beginning of a rethinking and upbringing process that should make the dependent grains back to self-employed people and lovable contemporaries. Ultimately, it was unavoidable that the true identity of the “sister” would eventually come to light. (Source: Fernsehen der DDR)

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