With heart and soul  (In aller Freundschaft) is the most successful German hospital series and has received several awards. Due to the high ratings, 2 more offshoots "In all friendship - The young doctors" and "In all friendship - The nurses" were produced. Since 1998 over 860 episodes have been broadcast.

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"Julia, the walk of fortune" is a successful German TV series with over 780 episodes. The series is also broadcast in Austria and Switzerland, as well as in Italy. Karin Ugowski plays the role of Eva Landmann in each of the episodes.

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SOKO Leipzig is one of the most successful crime series on German television. Between 2001 and 2020, 19 seasons were already broadcast. The series is about the investigative work of the special commission of the Leipzig police. In this episode, chief commissioner Hajo Trautzschke experiences his worst case to date: a murder attack is carried out on his daughter Leni, who is doing research as a journalist in Moscow. On the phone, Hajo witnesses how she is attacked. The SOKO boss rushes to the Russian capital. Hajo knows that Leni was on a hot story and must fear that Leni was murdered.

The custom is a German television series that was broadcast from 2001 to 2006. The series always begins with an attitude towards the victim of a sexual crime that has not survived in almost all cases, a kind of music box melody runs in the background. A look back at the last few hours in the victim's life follows, and after the opening credits, the customs officials take action. In the course of the investigation, flashbacks are shown in black and white.

Section 40 is a Berlin-winning and award-winning police series. In 2003, 2004 and 2005 she was awarded the German TV Prize in the "Best Series" category. At the center of this crime series is the Berlin police station, section 40, whose chain-smoking department head, police chief commissioner Georg Burrow (Heinz Werner Kraehkamp) does his best to let the patrol officers under his command benefit from his many years of experience. Because the job on the street is anything but easy and not everyone respects the officials as a '"friend and aide".

"Behind bars - The women's jail" was broadcast from 1997 - 2006. The inmates are in station B because of murder, extortion, robbery or fraud. Surrounded by closers and a facility management, which often acts arbitrarily, the inmates long above all for love, security and a family. Living together in the tightest of spaces in the Berlin prison intensifies all conflicts - and all feelings: love, jealousy and revenge always play a big role behind bars.

"Health resort Rosenau" is a series of hospitals that was broadcast from 1996 - 2005. The Health resort Rosenau was founded as a place of health care far from all class differences. Prof. Dr. Bernhardt, son of the founder and head of the clinic, still feels committed to this ideal today. The Rosenau, an idyllic villa with park and fitness facilities, is a modern health clinic and particularly popular with young patients.

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Dr. Sommerfeld - News from the Bülowbogen is the series successor of "Praxis Bülowbogen" Dr. Peter Sommerfeld has the practice of his colleague Dr. Brockmann acquired in Berlin. As a doctor with body and soul, Sommerfeld comes to life in his practice, even if one or the other worry in his private life depresses him. In this episode Dr. Sommerfeld a long-time friend again. Their sons are bitterly divided. When the younger brother shows up in the practice with a bloody nose, the mother finally has to take a position.

"In any case, call Stefanie" is a series of hospitals that was broadcast from 1995 - 2004. Stefanie Engel is a nurse at the Luisen Hospital. The mother of a ten-year-old boy feels called to help, but she is an "angel" without a halo. Stefanie stands with both feet in life and experiences not only success but also defeat. In this episode, the dancer Peter Hirtze is admitted to the clinic with a cruciate ligament tear. But the doctors find something else: he is addicted to cocaine. His brother "Bobo" seems to have limited influence on him.

"Practice at the Bülowbogen" is the title of a popular evening series,  which was broadcast from 1987 to 1996 and includes 107 episodes. The focus of the series is the practice of the doctor Dr. Peter Brockmann (Günter Pfitzmann). The practice is located near the Bülow Arch. In addition to the many everyday problems of his patients, Brockmann has to deal with his difficult family and master his relationship problems, especially with his medical assistant.