On the one hand, the series describes the everyday work of judge Petra Selig. In each episode she is faced with a new legal case. The judge is also a single mother to a young daughter. It has only committed itself to the law, but soon it will have to ask itself whether it should enter into a new solid partnership.

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Wanted and found is a consequence of the series "Acting" which ran from 1978 to 1990. Here actors show off their acting skills and slip convincingly into several roles. The popular actress Karin Ugowski acts in this episode; Among other things, she shows herself as a serious sister of a widower, as an energetic wife and talkative colleague.

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The village gossip is blooming. Winfried Oppel, a bachelor in her prime and deputy head of the flight squadron, fell head over heels in love with Yvonne (Karin Ugowski), milliner and head of a group of mannequins. But it is rumored that the pretty Yvonne is married and also to an old school friend Oppels. In the exuberance of feelings, Oppel is drawn to breakneck flying tricks more than once and invents new technical defects on the machine every day so that he can quickly get back to his beloved. Relay leader Meinecke can no longer close his eyes to the capers of Oppel.

Bernd and Martina Seidel (Wolfgang Greese / Karin Ugowski) are proud owners of a home. Her two children Anja (Astrid Krenz) and Thomas (Jörg Hengstler) have grown up in the meantime and they live a harmonious family life. But then the hopeful children come up with surprises: Thomas wants to marry the already divorced Sabine (Michéle Marian), who also brings two children into the marriage. Daughter Anja also has news. A child is expecting you. And the question arises, what must he be like now, the perfect son-in-law?

The night with Friedemann tells three cheerful faces by Dieter Müller. In the first story one wonders: who is Friedemann? And what's going on the night someone spends with this Friedemann? Of course it's about love. It ignites from the literary opposition of a scientist (Alfred Struwe) and a young scientist (Karin Ugowski).

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It all starts with a snap idea. Peter Schönfeld (Dieter Mann), a good husband, whose excess of virtue seems suspicious, is to be subjected to a loyalty test. Rosemarie (Karin Ugwoski), the best friend of Peter's wife Regina (Margot Busse), wants to dissuade the straw widower from the path of virtue with all sorts of tricks and erotic finesse. This leads to all kinds of confusion and confusion. So it will be interesting to see whether the "hero" of the play Peter Schönfeld can finally say: Yes, I am such a man!

"Pensioners are always busy" is a 20-part television series in 12 of them the actress Karin Ugowski play the role of Maria Winkler. The series focuses on the experiences of the retired couple Anna and Paul Schmidt (Helga Göring and Herbert Köfer). They always have their hands full, their help is welcome and is used by numerous fellow human beings. And the two are happy to help - as a result, their lives always remain varied and interesting.

This comedy by László Tabi shows the couple Peter (Rolf Herricht) and Maria (Karin Ugowski) in a kind of state of emergency. When the student Kati (Kathrin Martin) is present as a guest, Peter gets thoughts as to whether the young student could mean more in his life. A mind game based on the motto "What if ..." The couple gets to the point where they wonder what their marriage is (still) worth.

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March 18, 1848. The bourgeois-democratic revolution is in full swing, and events have also spread to Berlin. The military takes action against unarmed demonstrators on the street. People of different origins meet in an apartment. Attorney Dr. Benedikt (Wilhelm Koch-Hooge) had just returned to his comfortable apartment when he met workers Paul Kelle (Berko Acker) and “Rotkopf” (Wolfgang Brumm). The latter have taken up battle posts on the windows to fight the reactionary king's troops from here. Barricades are also erected on the streets, shots ring out in the streets.

Martina (Jutta Wachowiak) is fully committed to her job. In an institute, she works with her colleague Regina (Karin Ugowski) on an important research assignment. In doing so, she assumes - more in the subconscious - that the relationship with her husband (Stefan Lisewski) runs in constant paths. However, it turns out that successful employment cannot prevent the spouses' claims to life from developing differently. Martina and Thomas Fichtner have to find a way to avert the acute danger to their marriage. (Source: Fernsehen der DDR)