Augustin Moreto gives very special lessons in his play “Donna Diana”. Major subject: love; Topic: How do you win the favor of a beautiful but proud woman? For his Spanish contemporaries, who lived in the early 17th century, he recommended throwing himself in iron, taking up arms and winning the tournament. If the chosen one stays cold then you should try eloquence. Selected compliments, funny comments and occasionally a flash of inspiration can work wonders. If the miracle does not happen, you still do not have to give it up. Because now there is the special seminar of the poet for particularly stubborn cases. So: If the rock-hard beauty has not turned buttery soft despite intensive efforts, there is only one infallible remedy. You just turn the tables. Smiling coldly, the lady is denied the kindness that she is used to receiving from all sides. You ignore its beauty and so on. The beautiful woman will inevitably do everything in her power to see the man at her feet who treated her so shamefully. In this case, Moreto recommends staying cold and relaxed. Otherwise everything is free. You can find out whether he advised Don Cesar rightly with his information in his 1966 comedy “Donna Diana”. (Source: Fernsehen der DDR)


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