The fallacy

The living conditions of a young woman (Karin Ugowski) were critically examined in this TV production; Specifically, they devoted themselves to the conflict between family and work. The dilemma of Lilo Radtke, portrayed by Karin Ugowski, begins in the film story on the day that her son comes to school. Her husband is pushing for a decision that has a major impact on her `inner balance` and on marriage harmony. And if the 10th wedding anniversary of the two is not a nice day, it has nothing to do with the weather, but with the effects of wrong thinking and behavior. These problems need to be considered, dealt with and clarified. Dr. In this film Willy Walther seeks dialogue with you, the viewer. And he brings a lot of experience into this conversation, experience as a lecturer for journalism and head of the popular `Pedagogical Consultation` of Radio DDR. (Source: Fernsehen der DDR)

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