In order to find accommodation in a foreign city, married and loyal Antal Csori (Walter Richter-Reinick) has his wedding ring hidden in his pocket. It is not unknown that bachelors enjoy advantages in some ways, for example when it comes to renting a furnished room in a foreign city. It must be said that some room landlords have certain hopes. The situation is different with Pal Barsi (Heinz Behrens), who does not get an apartment in a new high-rise building, since there are no bachelors. So what should he do? You pretend to be married, you have a child for that, and you can be placed on the apartment list under these conditions. The girl to whom Pal always talked about getting married is rightly shocked, since her beloved seems to be already in the marriage status, at least that is what the apartment list says. So there is a lot of potential for conflict in both directions. (Source: Fernsehen der DDR)

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