Gabriela Schöne (Heidrun Welskop) was spoiled by her parents. She loves luxury and avoids difficulties, which is why she often changes jobs. When she quits again hastily and her father makes accusations about it, she moves out at home and lives with her new friend Roland (Thomas Gumpert). When a good, old acquaintance, Herbert Hoffmann (Jürgen Reuter), made her a tempting offer, she enthusiastically took on seasonal work as a waitress on a passenger ship of the White Fleet. The agile Herbert, gastronomic director of the excursion steamer, will soon be more than her boss.

Helga Rothe (Marianne Wünscher) was the focus of her house for many years. She helped her single daughter Iris (Karin Ugowski) and raised her grandson Mathias (Thomas Dannemann). Helga Rothe spoils Mathias and fulfills all his wishes. Since Iris married Harry Buchwald (Andreas Schmidt-Schaller), Grandma Rothe has no longer been the sole figure in the house. There is therefore often a dispute over the upbringing of the grandson. When the young family moves out, Helga Rothe tries more than ever to tie Mathias to herself.

Two friends make a plan. Everything should go very quickly and nothing could go wrong. One of them, Jens Pohle (Ulrich Müller), was not entirely honest with his fiancé Marion (Johanna Schall). He doesn't work as an engineer for mechanical engineering, but as a locksmith. He cannot finance what he wants to offer her. Together with his friend Erwin (Detlef Nier), he wants to raid the chief accountant of their company on the day the wages are paid. But it doesn't go as planned and Erwin is seriously injured.

Eva Machholz moves into a house in South Africa and is monitored around the clock by secret services. Martin Tanner (Gunter Schoß), whom Jürgen Machholz asked to contact his wife before his death, shows up at Eva and explains her life-threatening situation. Initiated by CIA agent Wilson (Walter Niklaus), Tanner participates incognito in a meeting of the top executive committee of the "Afrikaanse Broederbondes".

The wife of the scientist Jürgen Machholz, fatally poisoned in South Africa, Eva Machholz (Karin Ugowski) is kidnapped by the secret services BND and the South African BOSS from Germany to South Africa in order to use them there as a "decoy". They want to track down alleged accomplices of her husband at the South African research institute. Machholz's tape, which can be found in the law firm of Dr. Clemens (Horst Schulze) shows up, paints a precise picture of the events. The suspicion of the investigators of the involved secret services is growing.

“The Invisible Visor” is a multi-part television film series that was produced from 1973 to 1979. 1966, Afrikaanse Broederbond was a secret organization in South Africa. The members of this association held all top positions in politics and business. The young scientist Jürgen Machholz (Jürgen Reuter) poisoned in secret experiments that were carried out in a South African institute. In order to save his life, he embarks on an adventurous flight to Germany.

Magically attracted by cards, dice and roulette, they try their luck. The meeting point is the Reinhardt couple's apartment, which turns into a gambler's paradise in the evening. Dagmar (Karin Ugowski), the young wife, enjoys life in prosperity. With the money she has earned, she can satisfy her excessive living demands. However, Kante ends Dagmar's lucky streak. With skill, lazy tricks and hoax, he pulls luck on his side.

A sophisticated trio has teamed up in the “Waldidyll” restaurant: Hilla Simke (Karin Ugwoski), her husband Benno (Jürgen Zartmann) and the waiter Justus (Bernd Stegemann). They defraud their guests and the state. In this way, the three doubled their income. You can afford a luxury apartment, drive a new car and have an expensive hobby. So far everything went smoothly, but now the new waitress Ilona (Renate Reinecke) brings unrest to her house when she gets on with Benno Simke and Hilla catches the two inflagrantie.

​​​​​​The man for all seasons - that is how Harry Korn (Volkmar Kleinert) could be called, wherever he appears there is always something going on. Even in his job as a tram driver, he behaves carefully and helpfully. But one day he comes into conflict with the law through human error. He is dishonest with his wife (Karin Ugowski), his mother (Erika Dunkelmann) and their colleagues. He has had financial difficulties many times, but so far he has always been able to squirm.

A fire breaks out during the training session in the team of the ice sailors. The athletes and the caretaker try to extinguish it themselves until the fire department arrives. A valuable Hogarth graphic is discovered in the suitcase of the captain of ice sailors, Klaus Grabowski, in front of the house. This was stolen from private ownership a few weeks ago. The team captain and some of his comrades are now suspected of theft and smuggling abroad. Lieutenant Hübner and Commissioner Helga Lindt begin the investigation.