Allow, Brecher, Berlin - Episode 1

Georg Brecher (Armin Mueller-Stahl), a 34-year-old journalist with ambitions as a writer, leads a young woman named Karin (Karin Ugowski) through the Pergamon Museum. Afterwards they both spend the night at Brecher, but split up again the day after. Brecher is a person who lives into the day and is in debt, but drives an American Chevrolet. When he tries to pump his father, a dentist, for money to pay debts to his housekeeper, who he affords, he refuses. Even Krümel, a friend in the editorial office of a newspaper for which he sometimes works, can only lend him 100 marks. For this he receives the offer to write a report about Wismut AG, which he does not want. He also has a fight with his girlfriend, the singer Tery. He doesn't want her to be tinkering around the country all the time. However, she enjoys her job and does not want to do without it. Her next appearance happens to be at an event of Wismut AG, and he drives her there by car, considering whether to write the article after all. Shortly before the finish the engine of his car breaks down, he has to take care of the repair, and since Tery has to go to the show, they separate and make an appointment for the evening in the hotel. When he wants to go to the Kulturhaus in Tery, the gatekeeper does not let him in at first. They still get together, but the next day Tery drives back home and Georg stays at Wismut AG. (Source: Wikipedia)

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