The widow has an ugly and lazy daughter, Pechmarie, and a beautiful and hard-working step-daughter, Goldmarie. Because Pechmarie is her real daughter, the widow clearly favors her and makes Goldmarie do all the work. Poor Goldmarie must also sit and spin all day by the well until her fingers bleed. When she tries to rinse out the spindel, it drops into the cold water. Her unsympathetic step-mother tells her to jump in after it. Goldmarie does as she is told, and then wakes up in the middle of a beautiful field of flowers.

Hubertus Fahrenbach hopes that his son Joachim will take over his tailoring studio one day. But he doesn't feel like it. In the argument, Joachim leaves his father and moves in with his new friend Günter, and suddenly sits in the middle of the drug scene. When Joachim had his inheritance paid out by his father, both friends believed that they had the financial basis for their own business. But their first attempt to smuggle drugs into Germany fails. Upon returning from Bangkok, the drug is discovered by customs.

Christmas time: Ten-year-old Norbert Pfeiffer (Danny Awege) is much alone. His parents (Karin Ugowski / Klaus Hecke) are both very busy professionally, the father still has to work at home, so that both have little time for their son. Norbert loves to have a sibling. He prefers to be with his aunt Reni (Karin Düwel) and her children. When he walks to the store, he sees a stroller with a crying baby. To change the child, he takes a little walk with him. When he retired, he heard the police search request. Norbert panics and the baby in a lost house.

Margitta (Diana Urbank) is a singer in the band "Himmelblau" (Sky blue). During the day she works in her mother's boutique (Karin Ugowski). Her mother wants a solid career goal for her daughter and wants Margitta to take over her boutique later. But Margitta dreams of a great career with her boyfriend Hans (Karsten Speck). Hans takes out a private loan from the coal dealer Hertel to buy instruments for the band. As security he gives Margitta's mother's car - without her consent. He gambles too much and rides himself more and more in financial difficulties.

Olof Müller (Dietmar Burkhard) works as a cook, but without a permanent position. After helping Jenny (Andrea Meißner) and her aunt Ria (Karin Ugowski) with a car breakdown, he throws off his seasonal work and moves back to Berlin. He begins an intimate relationship with Jenny and hopes that she will support him in his planned career as a pianist, because Aunt Ria is a lecturer at the music academy and has offered him her help. Olof is now using the two women for his purposes. There is a bad awakening when Olof's real character shows up.

Mama's boy Detlef (Jaecki Schwarz) is a late bloomer when it comes to love. His previous acquaintances quickly separated from him after having had coffee with his mother. One day he decides to change this and submits a marriage announcement and receives more letters than he would have ever imagined. So he plunges into one love adventure after another. His life changes because he gets to know a number of young women and is becoming more and more confident. Soon there will be nothing left of the Mama's boy...

On the way to the holiday camp, 16-year-old Steffi falls in love with Norbert, whom she has known for a long time from visits to her grandfather in Pinnow. With a quick decision she changes her plans for the future and decides to go into livestock farming, because Norbert is the newly appointed apprentice trainer for livestock farming. Norbert was an apprentice in Pinnow himself and often suffered from the teaching methods of his predecessor. That's why he wants to do it differently.

Bernd and Martina Seidel (Wolfgang Greese / Karin Ugowski) are proud owners of a home. Her two children Anja (Astrid Krenz) and Thomas (Jörg Hengstler) have grown up in the meantime and they live a harmonious family life. But then the hopeful children come up with surprises: Thomas wants to marry the already divorced Sabine (Michéle Marian), who also brings two children into the marriage. Daughter Anja also has news. A child is expecting you. And the question arises, what must he be like now, the perfect son-in-law?

Gabriela Schöne (Heidrun Welskop) was spoiled by her parents. She loves luxury and avoids difficulties, which is why she often changes jobs. When she quits again hastily and her father makes accusations about it, she moves out at home and lives with her new friend Roland (Thomas Gumpert). When a good, old acquaintance, Herbert Hoffmann (Jürgen Reuter), made her a tempting offer, she enthusiastically took on seasonal work as a waitress on a passenger ship of the White Fleet. The agile Herbert, gastronomic director of the excursion steamer, will soon be more than her boss.

Helga Rothe (Marianne Wünscher) was the focus of her house for many years. She helped her single daughter Iris (Karin Ugowski) and raised her grandson Mathias (Thomas Dannemann). Helga Rothe spoils Mathias and fulfills all his wishes. Since Iris married Harry Buchwald (Andreas Schmidt-Schaller), Grandma Rothe has no longer been the sole figure in the house. There is therefore often a dispute over the upbringing of the grandson. When the young family moves out, Helga Rothe tries more than ever to tie Mathias to herself.