On the way to the holiday camp, 16-year-old Steffi falls in love with Norbert, whom she has known for a long time from visits to her grandfather in Pinnow. With a quick decision she changes her plans for the future and decides to go into livestock farming, because Norbert is the newly appointed apprentice trainer for livestock farming. Norbert was an apprentice in Pinnow himself and often suffered from the teaching methods of his predecessor. That's why he wants to do it differently. The opening of the new apprenticeship year begins with a big village festival and the apprentices' home, called the “Puppenheim in Pinnow” by bad tongues in the village, becomes a discussion forum with a weekly disco according to the motto “Music and open words instead of drill and boredom”. By seeing young people as responsible, grown-up people, Norbert gains trust and also the respect that his predecessor achieved only through rigor. But how should he deal with Steffi's love, especially since he fell in love with the cheeky girl from the city? Can he build a love relationship as an instructor with an apprentice?

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