The film's plot initially leads to a young film circle in West Berlin. Here directors make their narrow-film projectors buzz, and the “films” produced are then shown to a scene audience; in filmmaker circles, this is considered the latest craze in western cinematography. Two students from Dahlem University also travel in these circles: Charly Erdmann (Jürgen Zartmann) and Eddi Zapp (Rüdiger-Hubertus Gumm). They listen very attentively to the evening-long debates of the filmmakers present, and they try to internalize the jargon of the industry. Because one day they too will leave to reap “film fame”.
During this time, two seventeen-year-old girls, Gaby Lenz (Anne-Kathrein Kretzschmar) and Eva Rebus (Jenny Gröllmann) came across a surprising offer: they could be used by actresses in a feature film of a Hamburg syndicate by filmmakers. Both of them are initially suspicious of this request, because in their young life they have been given some solid lessons, and they are not so naive to believe in a fast career out of nowhere. On the other hand, the offer would be an opportunity to get rid of the difficulties they have encountered as a result of frivolity and a broken home. So they agree to take on the roles assigned to them. They realize far too late that they have taken on extras roles in a long-prepared crime. (Source: Fernsehen der DDR)

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