Episode 2

"Secret Traces" was the continuation of the television films "Secret Command Boomerang" (1966), "Secret Command Ciupaga" (1968) and "Secret Command Spree" (1968), which had already been successfully broadcast. In this new three-part series, the audience was able to follow an exciting story about a group of members of the National Committee "Free Germany" in the last days of World War II and the first months of the conflict's new beginning. In the last days of the war an SS fought in the streets of Berlin. Command embittered against the approaching Soviet tanks. No consideration was given to the lives of the residents, who remained closely packed in the still existing cellars. In this last battle, members of the National Committee "Free Germany" put their lives at risk when they set themselves the task of protecting the lives of German residents and also the lives of Soviet friends with all their might. They are the first to help a girl who wanted to escape the war, but got into the SS's field of fire. After the war, the well-known Toni Burian (Horst Weinheimer), a reliable fighter from the previous "Secret Command" episodes, becomes his Comrades in a district office in Berlin in charge of building up the People's Police. In close cooperation with Soviet comrades such as his old friend Boris Bykow (Gunter Schoß), who is now working for the Soviet military administration, Burian is learning his new "craft" in working for the anti-fascist-democratic order. These days, SS leader Maschmann (Erik S. Klein), in cooperation with other Nazis and disoriented young people, is his most dangerous opponent. (Source: Fernsehen der DDR)

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