Tourism specialist or main tour guide Obermüller (Hans-Joachim Preil) wants to introduce his deputy or tour guide Hurtig (Rolf Herricht) into the management of the newly opened “Schneemannbaude” in Katzhütte, Thuringia. But it turns out that this is not primarily about the management of this facility, but rather that the entire staff, from the cook to the maid, has said goodbye to the turn of the year and takes a few days off, but the main tour guide does has to answer for. So for both gentlemen it is now time to roll up your sleeves and go to work quickly, because the first guests are already there and want to celebrate the New Year in a fitting way. The team of men has to prove itself at the reception as well as when making beds and in the boiler room. Despite their intensive efforts and improvisation skills, guests have to cut back on service - but you are used to it and take it easy! And the Winterfeld couple (Konrad Peterhansel / Peynette Voigt) are already busy drafting a battle plan for the upcoming divorce, Ms. Linke (Helga Raumer), the plumber's wife, is looking after her cultural training, and the financial accountant Schreckling (Gerd E. Schäfer) provides all sorts of entertainments with daring chemical experiments. These gentlemen pose no “danger” for Obermüller and Hurtig; What the two do not know: an anonymous control inspector of the tour operator carefully examines the hustle and bustle here and is in the process of forming a (devastating?) judgment. (Source: Fernsehen der DDR)

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