The first summer in Niederneuendorf brought Brigitte (Karin Ugowski) a reunion with her former colleague Horst (Otmar Richter). This had come to study a year before her, and had been a role model for Brigitte's seminar group. But now that Horst has had a year of practical work in agriculture, he seems to have changed. Did the work make him tired and immobile very quickly? And towards Brigitte, he behaves as if he wants to relieve her of her thinking and give her tasks that are useful for his plans. But Brigitte has resisted Horst's concerns from the start. After all, she successfully completed her studies and wants to prove what she has learned with her own work in practice. But what happens if Horst does not accept her attitude to work, after all, one was privy to one another and did not want to jeopardize mutual affection. Or will it be shown that one can find the desired path with common tasks, as a couple? Of course Brigitte will also have to prove herself in relation to the other villagers, for example to young people like Karl-Heinz (Eberhard Schaletzki), who may be a compliant companion in the implementation of Horst's plans. Or will Brigitte find understanding with her actions with the experienced Paula Klein (Brigitte Lindenberg), her landlady? Perhaps she is also opposed to the innovations presented by Brigitte. And finally, LPG chairman Dittrich (Kurt Müller-Reitzner) seems to be a rather “difficult” man. And these aspects will not be an easy path for Brigitte to start her professional life, especially since she, as a “beginner”, is probably also afraid of her own courage. It turns out that the first decision becomes the beginning of new problems that challenge courage and technical skill; but in this process, the feeling of being useful and needed is undoubtedly strengthened. (Source: Fernsehen der DDR)

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