The widow has an ugly and lazy daughter, Pechmarie, and a beautiful and hard-working step-daughter, Goldmarie. Because Pechmarie is her real daughter, the widow clearly favors her and makes Goldmarie do all the work. Poor Goldmarie must also sit and spin all day by the well until her fingers bleed. When she tries to rinse out the spindel, it drops into the cold water. Her unsympathetic step-mother tells her to jump in after it. Goldmarie does as she is told, and then wakes up in the middle of a beautiful field of flowers.

" Mustache Casimir,  the poetic blacksmith" is a children's story by the Hungarian writer Istvan Csukas. Mustache Casimir from "Ankel-Alley", like every day, wants to forge advertising slogans for the greengrocer, the butcher, the milk woman, but he should also help his master, the postman Bonifác, to deliver a mysterious letter, on which no addressee is noted. Kristof, the sad cat, accompanies him and ends up with the redeeming idea. And Kasimir's fame as a poet spreads across the country.


Many years ago there was a woman who sold vegetables on the market. Her beautiful son, Jakob by name, helped her. One day an old woman came and fiddled with all the goods so that Jakob got too much and he roughly reprimanded the old woman. When he finally took the old woman home with what she had bought, the old woman transformed him into an ugly and unsightly figure. He had to serve the old woman for seven years, but it felt like it had only been a few minutes. When he got back to the market, his mother didn't recognize him and the people in the place mock the deformity.

A beautiful, but spoiled and shallow princess rudely criticizes all her suitors because she is too proud. She is impressed with the last one, but her pride will not let her accept him. He is a young king with such a thick beard, that to her it looks like a thrush's beak, so she cruelly dubs him King Thrushbeard. He leaves in anger. Her father, exasperated and angry at how she scorned them all, vows that the first man who comes to the palace the next day will become her husband. Meanwhile, an unknown stranger overhears the conversation.

Klaus lives with his two brothers Kunz and Franz in a little village. Together, they ply their trade as cobblers in a small workshop. But the workload rests mainly on the shoulders of ill-treated Klaus. When Kunz and Franz go off into the forest to chop wood for fuel they run into an old woman who asks them for some wine and bread. Rudely and gruffly, they refuse her request and return home without any wood. Klaus then has to set out and he meets the old woman as well. He gladly offers her his frugal meal which is suddenly turned into pancakes and good wine.