Episode 2

In extreme emergency, Bernd Roland and Toni Burian have to leave the moving train on the free route. Bernd Roland is injured when jumping. But he manages to stop a hospital car and give the order to take him and Burian to Berlin. Having arrived in the capital, Roland, Burian and the Soviet scout Boris (Gunter Schoß) do everything in their power to successfully complete their instructions. In concrete terms, this means finding out what plans the SS has for the last battles for Berlin. With the support of Berlin anti-fascists, they attack two vehicles of the Reich Security Main Office, and thus they are also in possession of the secret material that they should be looking for, i.e. what plans the SS has for the following days. For Toni Burian there is a reunion in Berlin with his wife Hilde (Karin Ugowski), whom he thought was dead. (Source: Fernsehen der DDR)

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