Frank Seeburg (Stanislaw Zaczyk), a successful writer, is called to the bedside of his former schoolmate, journalist Volker Rochmann (Horst Drinda), in one night. He was seriously injured in an accident on the highway and hands his old friend a key to a locker in which Rochmann's notes are found. Seeburg is shocked because Rossmann worked on the investigation of three murders disguised as suicide. Is there a connection between the three murders and was his serious accident possibly an attack on him? Based on the available notes, Seeburg decides to address these cases and, based on his research, to write a book about what happened. For this purpose, he must first convince his publisher (Wolfgang Greese) of his concern. After that, the police president (Helmut Schreiber) has to be persuaded to check the questionable results of the investigation in these three cases for their truthfulness, in order to finally clarify Rochmann's assumptions and reveal the truth. Will this succeed under the given conditions? (Source: Fernsehen der DDR)

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