Forget me - Episode 6

Forget-me, freely based on O’ Henry: The plot of this episode dates back to the early years of the 20th century; In the editorial office of Mr. Grimmer's daily newspaper, which is published in Wolfstown on the Hudson (USA), the everyday bustle prevails. Outside heat and noise in no way improve the working atmosphere; but then that summer day, a young girl named Ada (Karin Ugowski) appears to the editors, almost like a ray of hope. When asked what the honor gives the men, the beautiful woman expresses a strange concern: she is looking for her childhood sweetheart, the (former) groom Georgy Brown. It was her first time in Wolfstown, but years ago she sent her lover here to make his big career, for example, to climb up to the head of the stock exchange. She herself comes from a wealthy family, and in order to be allowed to marry her Georgy, he must have relevant professional references. But now the time is pressing, because Ada is on the verge of having to marry the fat Jim Porter. The responsible editor (Klaus-Peter Thiele) is immediately enthusiastic about the matter, especially since he can hope for a princely fee in view of the wealth of Ada's parents. And so in a very short time there is an extremely satisfactory solution to this love affair - appropriate to the origin of the girl and the reputation of the sheet at the given time. (Source: Fernsehen der DDR)

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